Lead Generation &
Sales Service

on demand


How it works

Focus on negotiations, no more wasting time on time-consuming and routine processes of lead generation


Our team powered by Periodix software handles the initial communication with a lead


Pre-validation according to ICP (Ideal Client Profile)


You get warm leads who match your ICP or we close these leads for you


Extra Features to Boost your Sales

Our team can cover Call Scheduling and Deal Closing if you don’t have time or a rep to do that


Appointment Setting

Join the game when the warm target lead wants a call. It works when you get Lead Generation with Setting Appointment Service.


Sales Representative on Demand

Receive closed deals from Upwork/LinkedIn. Your sales on Upwork/LinkedIn are handled by the Head of Sales - an expert with extensive experience in sales in the English-speaking markets.


Benefits that you'll love about Periodix

Our service is the perfect match for the teams with no or early-stage lead generation process. We can serve as your lead generation managers and build a regular and effective lead generation process for your team.
Periodix also works great when you don’t have any lead generation managers in-house. We just start playing their roles. In a case when you already have a built lead generation team we help you to grow results without growing your in-house team.
We are your remote team members who work according to your specific request and ICP (Ideal Client Profile). But we are perfect remote team members - no vacations, no sick leaves and you don’t have to spend time/resources to manage our work.
Grow your lead gen process and results fast with our service. Without spending any budget on recruiting, we are a great option when someone from your lead gen department leaves.

Our Services

Full time Upwork monitoring

Full-time monitoring of Upwork projects, building a detailed brief of your ideal client and a target project for you

Reaching out target audience

Based on the brief and our software product, we validate projects. Every lead meets all the requirements of the brief

Lead Generation

For suitable projects our manager writes and sends custom cover letters (including answers to questions and relevant cases)

Communication with lead

When a lead responds, we notify you promptly. This way, you only get hot, targeted leads

Reports & Stats

You are given access to statistics on sent bids and received leads per day/week/month

Targeting Segments

Identification of target segments of your business. Building a target audience list based on the approved segment

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Professional profile description aimed at the target audience, optomized profile title and experience, CTAs in descriptions

Building Chain of the messages

We create a chain of messages that start with a connection request on LinkedIn

Researching & Targeting

Research and adding C-level officers of the required company to your company's CEO/ CTO network. When contact accepts the connection request, we start sending messages.

Your sales dept gets a lead

As soon as the lead responds, we qualify and transfer them to the sales department. You connect only when the lead demonstrates a clear interest in your service


Free up the time & energy
of your in-house

Outsource the routine process of lead generation on Upwork, Linkedin or any other channel, stepping in a game when warm leads appear.

Or we can even close these leads for you!


Sales Representative on Demand


As soon as the client answers, our sales specialist contacts him and initiates a call with a lead.


The salesperson initiates a call with a lead. In addition to the formal meeting, he/she identifies all the needs, as well as the details of the future project. The purpose of this step is to get information (client's personality/ project characteristics) to prepare a correct proposal.


The team prepares the most suitable estimate/proposal based on the presale data.


The salesperson's task is to "sell" the estimate to the client, identify and work through all the objections, and close to the deal.


The details of the project are clear. The client and the team move to the phase of its implementation, the salesperson transfers the client to the project manager for further management.

Need more
warm leads?

Outsource the routine process of lead generation with Periodix


Lead generation is one of the most difficult things in sales. But still, let's figure it out in more detail.This term means the process of identifying your potential customers. If you are the owner or employee of a company,we can argue that this concept is not new to you,but even painfully familiar,because this is a complex process that takes a lot of effort and time. Accepting the importance of this process will ensure the development of the sales funnel for you,as well as the achievement of all your set goals. It is suitable for companies of different sizes,for different directions to the end consumer.

How can you improve lead gen?

First of all, we recommend that you pay attention to the design, you need to improve call to action on the home page. It will also be useful for you to pay attention to the titles and subscription forms,you should choose only compelling data in a simple language for everyone to understand for your service. And another important aspect when improving is to test ideas. Do not stop at achievements and always set smart goals. To choose the best strategy,use the most profitable and verified idea. As a result,we can say that the search for potential customers has a decisive role in business. This method is the only working method to comply with the laws on spam.

Linkedin generate leads is it so?

We are confident that you understand the importance of social networks and how much profit they can bring you. This social network is the most popular for business tasks and with the help of it people can search for work,employees and make sales. Undoubtedly,it is also a very important aspect for the development of your company. With the help of it,you can not only increase the brand awareness of the agency,but also,which is very important,increase your revenue. Many studies from year to year repeat the same thing that with the help of this service B2B companies have achieved high success. And we decided that our company will also linkedin lead generation agency. We will help you with the very description of your professional profile,which will be made exclusively for your segment of consumers,data about which we will collect earlier. We will also be useful to you in building a logical chain of messages and,as a result,sending messages. And as soon as we notice that a client has already shown enough interest,we will pass it on to you. Summing up the work of this system,we bring you warm leads.

Our company provides you upwork lead generation. We monitor new projects every second and are the very first ones who are aware of fresh tasks. Initially,we compile detailed information about your client profile,as well as about the project that will be of interest to you. Based on this data,each project is checked for data comparison and compliance. Our manager processes those tasks that come up and sends cover letters. At the end of this procedure,you will receive only the target client. We can also send you statistics and reports.

Periodix is agency lead,which will provide its colleagues not only clients,but also people who will match your ideal profile which will provide its colleagues not only with interested persons,but also people who will match your ideal client profile. Our product is just the same created for companies that are only at the initial stages. We always take a responsible attitude to our task and are ready to grow with you. With our service,you no longer have to hire a separate person,because we have a special lead manager software which will provide its partners not only clients,but also people who will match your ideal profile. Our product is also created for companies that are only in the initial stages,we always take our task responsibly and are ready to grow with you. With our service,you no longer need to hire and hire a single person,because we have special software for a lead manager that automatically performs its work using artificial intelligence. If you have an employee who occupies such a position, he definitely does not have enough energy and time to track clients and analyze the results,because as your company grows, so do clients,you can still help him achieve the company's goals using Periodix. We help you save on costs and in emergencies when someone leaves your department or suddenly goes on vacation.

Who are B2B leads?

In business to business this term means people who have been tagged as your potential customers. They have somehow come into contact with your business and most likely may be interested in you and may find some value in your business for themselves. Generation is one of the fundamental processes for any business. But how to attract these leads? Surely on the Internet,you have found many articles on this topic,but still they are not all unambiguous and only carry a basic understanding. You will not need to waste your precious time trying to figure it out,because our service will do everything for you. You only want to become our partner.

Your lead generation specialist probably repeatedly complained to you that he has many tasks and he simply cannot cope with all of them ,because with the growth of your company, your customers also increase, and therefore the processing and search for them.ready to help him?Even the reason is not important, the most important thing here is that you no longer have to spend resources on clients who do not match their ideal profile.Think it over. We hope that we can help you with this and to feel all the changes before and after working with us,a day will be enough for you.
Briefly about lead generation system

Periodix first of all,it deals with the initial communication with the potential client. Then the customer is checked for compliance with the data that you define as the requirements for the ideal client. After all this, you get a warm lead which will satisfy you and with which there will not be many problems . We can also close customers for you. Аnd in the end you get a result that will delight both you and us, namely the development and preservation of time.